Building Base for Gelpolish is a truly multifunctional product, you can correct the nail, give flat nails a nice curve and give strength to weak nails. 

Building Base:
 -  Higher viscosity
 -  Great to create the arch of the nail rpior to a gelpolish service
 -  Gives strength
 -  No shine after curing
 -  Strong enough for medium extensions
 -  Availble in two colors: clear and cover pink
 -  Cure: 60 seconds in LED or 2 minutes in UV

Tip: Remove sticky layer after curing and before applying the Gelpolish color for optimal product control

How to: After prepping the nail and dehydrating the surface with Prep & Wipe apply a thin coat of Building Base. Do not cure this coat, apply a drop of Building base at the Apex area, let self-level and cure. If needed repeat this step.

Tip: hold the nail upside down to help the Building Base to self-level at the desired apex location.


Artikelcode: 103404

Building Base Clear 15ml

Productcode: 103404
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