A gel that feels like acrylics but without the time pressure because it cures like gel in LED or UV! With PowerGel you can create every nail shape you desire, from a natural nail overlay to the most extreme shape, everything is easier than ever before. Easy to pinch, strong and stable colors, you will be amazed. 

PowerGel is available in 7 different shades: PowerGel Clear is crystal clear, PowerGel Pink is a milky pink shade that compliments the natural nail perfectly. PowerGel White is a radiant white and will cure perfectlyeven if you apply it thicker. PowerGel Extender is a cool nail plate extender suitable for all natural nails and PowerGel Nude is a warm nude color, great as a base color for nail art and super easy to use when you prefer the one ball technique. Last but not least; 2 stunning sparkling colors available in PowerGel Sparkling White &  PowerGel Sparkling Pink.

PowerGel Pink 30gr

Productcode: 800753
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