“The ultimate gel that crosslinks the strength of the fiber system to the flexibility of the gel system”

Fiber Gel:
 -  Reinforced with fiber particles to strengthen the gel
 -  Very strong
 -  Suitable to pinch
 -  Medium high viscosity
 -  Available in 4 colors
 -  Can be used on natural nails, on tips and on forms
 -  Very light in weight

Cure: 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes in UV

Tip: Fiber Gels are perfect when you want to create deeply pinched or extreme nails shapes. The Fiber Gels are also ideal when creating French Manicure using the reverse technique

How to: we advise a coat of Soft Bond Primer prior to the application of Fiber Gel. You can use Fiber Gel in thin layers or you sculpt with a bead of gel. Many technicians prefer the Fiber Gels because of the strength even when used very thin.



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Sculpting Fiber Gel Pink 30gr

Productcode: 104147
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